Friday, May 4, 2012

Controlling a robot just by thoughts

The scientists at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland demonstrated how a robot can be controlled jut by thoughts and than too over a distance of 100KM.

In the experiment a partially quadriplegic person wearing a head gear, which reads his brain's signals, was able to control a robot just by thinking. That is, if he thought about lifting a finger the robot would lift its finger and so on.

Such experiments have been going on for a while in various countries but this was the first occasion where a paralyzed person could control a robot by his thoughts, with out having to have any thing implanted into his body.

One of the major problems in thought controlled robots has been to be able to pick the right signals from the brain, and for the user to remain completely focused on the task as even small distractions can send wrong signals to the robots.

According to Duc, who was the person who controlled the robot found it easy to control it when he was not in pain. Indicating that the system would still struggle if the user's mind is not completely focused on controlling the robot.

The age old proverb says "Think before you leap", but if are the one controlling this robot you will have to "Think before you Think"


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