Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Answers to Basic Embedded Systems quiz

Answers to Basic Embedded Systems quiz

1. A volatile memory is one in which
Ans. data is lost if power is removed

2. Which as more number of transistors SRAM or DRAM

3. Super Speed usb is part of
Ans. USB3.0

4. PWM is generally used to control
Ans. A DC motor

5. Cache is made of ____ kind of memory

6. If the length of wires being used for communication is too large then
Ans.Serial communication is preferable

7.Parity bit is used for
Ans.Error Detection

8. Which of the following is a serial communication protocol
Ans. CAN

9. DMA stands for
Ans. Direct Memory Access

10. Generally when the time of watchdog timer expires,it causes
Ans. System reset

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