Sunday, March 17, 2013

Answers to basic microprocessor quiz

Here are the answers to the questions in the post "Basic Microprocessor quiz"

1) IR in a microprocessor stands for
Ans) Instruction Register

2) PC is used in microprocessor for
Ans) Holding the address of next instruction to be executed

3) In von numan architecture
Ans) Program and data memory are same

4) Intel 4004 was
Ans) 4 bit microprocessor

5) 68000 series microprocessor are from
Ans) motorola

6) ALU in a microprocessor stands for
Ans) Arithematic Logic Unit

7)Bus in a microprocessor is used for
Ans) All of the above

8) Routines written to be executed on interrupt are generally called as
Ans) ISR

9) Registers in microprocessors are generally made of
Ans) Flip Flops

10) Which of the following might be present in microcontroller but not in microprocessor
Ans) Internal RAM

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