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Answers to Basic 8051 Quiz

Answers to the quiz "8051 Basics Quiz"

1. How many register banks are available in 8051

2. Which port in 8051 is used to multiplex between address and data

3. What is connected to XTAL1 and XTAL2 pins of 8051
Crystal Oscillator

4. How many timers does a basic 8051 have

5. The reset pin is given a high input as long as 8051 is on

6. PSEN stands for
Program Store Enable

7. Which port in 8051 is used only for I/O
Port 2

8. What is the width of the I/O ports of 8051

8 bit
9. 8052 has More ROM as well as RAM
10. What is the maximum size of ROM that can be connected to 8051 64K

8051 Basics Quiz

Answers to Basic microcontroller microprocessor quiz

Answers to the quiz "Basic Microprocessor and Microcontroller Quiz"

1.Which of the following are not present in a microcontroller ?

2. Intel is the only company that can manufacture 8051

3. The amount of RAM in 8051 is

4. 8051 is a
8 bit Microcontroller

5. 8051 follows
RISC Architecture

6. In Von Neuman Architecture
Data and instructions flow in the same path

7. 8051 is having
Harvard Architecture

8. A 16 bit micrprocessor will have

Registers can be of any bit length
9. Registers are used for
Temporary data storage

10. ROM in a microcontroller is generally used to store
Program or code

Basic Microprocessor and Microcontroller Quiz

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